Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Weekend Roundup #3

It is perfectly normal to hardly get off your butt through the entire week and then crank out 80 miles on a Saturday right?  Just an average day's work.
It was a less than stellar week on the training front.  Not much really fell into place timing wise, lots of changes to the weekly routine.  And oh ya, couldn't seem to move my lazy ***. Oh well.  Stuff happens.

What followed was a very nice couple of days away with hubby in a kinda familiar place doing a completely different adventure.  We tackled the END Tombed Adventure near Grand Forks, North Dakota.  END(Extreme North Dakota) Tombed is a 12 hour bike ride event that challenges you to complete as many of the 10 mile laps as you can.  And if that isn't quite enough for you hard ass people- follow that up on Sunday with the 12 hour run event, also trying to complete as many laps of the 6 mile loop as you can.  Recap coming soon!

This was in my inbox this week:

Good reason to sign up again.  Need to check out the new course.  

Adventures to add to the to do list:

Beaver Flat 50, organized by Prairie Sky Running, is held in Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park in September each year and offers 5, 10, 20 and 50 km distances.

The deceptive thing about this event is if you know where Saskatchewan is, or if you have had the privilege of driving through Saskatchewan (haha) your opinion would probably be as follows:
 Flat as a pancake.

Here's the description given on the event website.

"Welcome to Saskatchewan's first sky run. Beaver Flat 50 will take place on September 17, 2016 at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park. Not nearly as flat as the name implies, Beaver Flat 50 is a hilly hard-as-hell trail run with over 2500 meters of vertical gain across 50 kilometers. That's over 8000 feet of total climb. The prairies are flat.  This course is not.  Beaver Flat 50 is a tough get-your-feet-wet, wreck-your-shins, and roll-your-ankle kind of run. You're going to love it, hate it, and love it some more.  Guaranteed."

Looks good huh.
Here's a look at the course.

I can see the love/hate thing going on. 

2nd on the to do list is 25 hours in Frog Hollow.  

Frog Hollow is the longest 1 day event done on your bike near Hurricane Utah close to Zion National Park in an area that is known as Frog Town.  It is during time change day each Nov. which explains the gain of an hour in the day.
The course is a 13 mile loop with 8 miles of single track and can be done as a team or solo.

"The 25 Hours in Frog Hollow is a premier mountain biking event aimed at having a festival like atmosphere.  Our goal is to ensure that everyone will have a good time. So come and enjoy the friendship, team spirit, awesome trails and spectacular scenery that this event is sure to provide. Ride safe, ride fair and above all have fun."

The Course

25 Hours in Frog Hollow Race Course Stats

  • Total Length: 13 miles               Single Track: 5.7 miles              Double Track: 7.1
  • Elevation low : 3570 ft                  Elevation high: 4300 ft        Climbing 2736 Ft
  • Estimated Average Course Speed: 1 hour 25 minutes
  • Number of Hours in a Day: 25         Hours of daylight: 12 .5       Hours of dark: 12.5
  • Ave High Temp: 77 degree Ave            Low Temp:  44 degree

Have an awesome week everyone!

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