Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Weekend Roundup #5

Nice long weekend here in my corner of the world.  It was especially nice weather wise so I spent as much time as possible outside, getting my dose of vitamin D.

Had some seriously good rides with my son's fat tire bike.  I am in love:)  It just moves along like a lynx; sleek and in control. I was so happy to be able to ride it across the wood bridge we set up.  It is narrow and I have fallen off it numerous times on the cyclocross but with this baby- I just coasted right along!

I watched Pearl Harbor on Remembrance Day and I had to really swallow back the tears and sobs.  War is terrible.  My deepest appreciation for those who sacrifice for our freedom and safety.

On the training front:

Monday- 11.7 mile ride
Tuesday- 18.2 mile ride
Wednesday- 11 mile ride
                    - lunch walk 1 mile
Thurs- short night ride 2 mile
Friday- 23 mile ride
Saturday - 5.3 mile sunrise run
                - 6 mile fat tire ride
Sunday- 23.2 mile ride
              - 1 mile dog walk
              -5.1 mile trail ride
Doing my best to keep up to this guy on our trail ride.

I still can't believe the weather we have been having for November.  The weather man says that will be changing this week and it will get colder which means SNOW at some point.  A few pics from the week.

The dog still wanting a swim after a run with me.
My husband still working in the fields.  Usually things are packed up by the beginning of Nov.
Enjoying the last of the sun on Sat after working in the yard in shorts!
Saturday Sunrise run
My running partner 

Have a great week!

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