Monday, October 24, 2016

Runner's Quiz

During my run the other day I was thinking how runners are a part of a wonderful community of other like minded people who are passionate about running but also about how individual and unique each runner also is.  So the questions just kept popping in my head until my run was done.  My answers follow each question.  Feel free to leave your responses or copy and paste the questions on your own blog and post the link. Make a running collage and link to it.  Can't wait to see them all!

1. Favourite season to run? spring
2. Free entry to any running event would be to where? Transrockie Run Colorado
3. Are you a gas passing runner? not usually
4. Trail or road? half and half
5. Favourite distance? probably 1/2 marathon right now
6. Carry toilet paper? Yay or nay? nay
7. I feel like a rock star when I run in? my favourite pink tank
8. Most used piece of gear? buff
9. Wildlife encounters while running? moose, deer
10. Run more inside or outside? outside
11.  Most runs solo or in a group? solo or with hubby
12. Something you never run without? lip balm
13. Pick one: shorts, capris or leggings? shorts
14. Favourite shoes ever? hoka stinson atr
15. Favourite refueling food? quest or oh yeah protein bar
16.Chased or bit by a dog while running? chased by a dog a few times but not bit
17. Hat or sunglasses? hat
18. Pick one: tank, short sleeve, long sleeve? tank
19. Most memorable place I have run is? Swiss Alps
20. "Famous" runner you would most like to meet?  Rory Bosio or Stephanie Bruce
21. First body part to object while running? stomach then left knee
22. Next on my list to purchase is? 2 pairs of shoes, one for road one for trail
23. Worst chafing was where/when? blisters on my feet while winter running
24. Coldest temperature ran in/ warmest temperature ran in? coldest -30 C warmest +28 C
25. Most injured part is? left IT band
26. The distance I dream of tackling next is?  100km
27. What percentage of time does your phone come along with you running? 10%
28. When things are tough while running, my happy place is? thinking of my run beside the ocean
29. Mantra? how do you eat an elephant- 1 bite at a time
30. I cross train by doing? biking, swimming, hiking
31. Foam roll/ stretch: every day, couple times a week, not often? couple times a week
32. Running and hydration: handheld, pack w bladder, not usually anything? not usually anything
33. Fuel while running? UCAN bar
34. I will run in shorts until what temp? 0 C
35. Seeing the finish line/end makes me feel? content
36. Uphill or downhill? downhill 
37. I pick the next running race by? swag, tshirt, location, course?  location
38. Most listened to song while running? rarely listen to music
39. Morning, day or evening? usually morning runner
40. Running makes me feel_______? free

Have a great run today!

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