Friday, November 11, 2016

Challenge Roth- What I Wore

A post dedicated entirely to clothes!  Oh ya and triathlon.  Actually it is much easier for me to discuss triathlon than clothes.  My wardrobe consists mostly of athletic wear, jeans, tshirts and hiking pant.  But I have never pretended to be a fashion expert.

I thought a post of what I wore during a long distance triathlon would be helpful to have on paper.  And if this can help you plan what to wear or you have any advice, bring it on.  I also wanted to put careful consideration into my choices because in a Challenge full distance triathlon, you have no special needs bags so you carry everything or get handed things by family members.  I did send some stuff along with our 2 kids who would be able to see us mostly during the run portion.  My list for them is included below.

I first chose what I wanted to bike and run in as you spend the most time in these outfits.  Some people don't change but I knew that I wanted to just for comfort sake.  We all have our favourites and I wanted to wear these at the right time.  I pretty much changed entire outfits after each activity.  This was due to wanting to have dry clothing at the beginning of each discipline.

I wore my lululemon sports bra, cobb triathlon shorts and threw on some sweats and a sweater on top.  I also took along a rain shell and wore flip flops.  I love the crispness of the morning temperatures but I have learned that if I have too long with not a lot of clothing on and get cold, things are much more difficult.  I wouldn't change anything I wore except I may have put on shoes and socks to keep my feet dry and warmer.  This was also my after triathlon outfit and I really wished then to have had socks and shoes and not the ones I just ran in.  On a shorter distance triathlon, flip flops are fine but we had some walking to do, driving to do and it was dark.  Shoes would have been better.

My plan was to swim in my sports bra and cobb shorts listed above under my wetsuit.  That's all and it was a good decision.  I swim with Aquasphere vista goggles.  I like them with the bigger view and also because the smaller framed goggles really bruise the under part of my eyes and give me a headache.  My wetsuit is an Ironman wetsuit purchased a few years ago on sale.  It has been a good suit, has it's fair share of small rips despite being treated well.  Does a full covering of body glide count as something you wear?

Favourite shorts overall are my Coeur triathlon shorts so these were what took me through 112 miles.  They were awesome and reinforced that another pair would be awesome as I would love to run in them also.  I also have a pair of Coeur bike shorts with the bigger chamois padding but I seem to have more chaffing issues with more padding.  That's why I chose the tri shorts.  Many others were wearing bike shorts as well as tri shorts.  I wore a Pearl Izumi sleeveless bike jersey over the same sports bra.  A jersey is a must for biking as it carried my whole food nutrition, and extra water bottle and an extra pocket for anything else.  I do have a bento box on my bike but it can only hold so much.  Extra chamois cream, a bag of UCAN chocolate powder to mix into a water bottle, lipbalm, extra NUUN tablets, tums, bandaids.  More info on my nutrition and what I carried in a future post.  I also wore thin biking socks in my bike shoes and arm warmers.  All good choices again.  I was comfortable.  There is debate about sleeved jerseys to keep the sun off the arms and if I find a jersey I love, I would wear it but the couple I have aren't as soft as I like or fit how I like so I choose to keep my shoulders bare.  I love having complete mobility.  Bike shoes are Specialized and my helmet is Specialized, sunglasses were Smith.

Changed shorts into lululemon tracker running shorts.  I wear these most often during my training so it was an easy decision.  Only 1 zippered pocket so that was a draw back to not having tri shorts on.  Carried my lipbalm in the small zippered pocket.  I think there was a bit of money in there too.  Always carry money on my bike or on me during a triathlon or running event.  Good story about this I will share another time.  I did wear a tri top though so I had the 3 pockets in the back to carry my goodies.  I needed 2 of them to carry nutrition.  I did need to think  really hard if I wanted the pockets on my top or my bottom as they were a necessity.  Changed socks again into Features.  My visor was a black Pearl Izumi visor and Smith sunglasses.

Backpack Items
These are the things I had the kids put into their backpacks just in case we needed them.
-extra UCAN chocolate powder
-extra bottle of water w NUUN tablet
- pretzels
-2 protein bars
-long sleeve shirt for each of us
-body glide

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