Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Hey everyone!

Anyone else sometimes feel like they may blow a gasket if they hear or read anymore about "balance?"  Ok, a bit dramatic I know.  It's not the word or concept that brings my blood pressure up to dangerous levels, it's the application and decisions that come with balance.  I know what my priorities are and what is important to me, that's not the trouble.  But, we all know that there are other responsibilities we have that may not be on the priority list.  For example, the volunteering responsibility that comes with having your child(ren) involved in activities.  Many would argue against, but I firmly think if you have your child in anything, you need to be willing to occasionally dish out a bit more than your checkbook.  So where do I put that on the priority list?
Well, since getting the job done keeps my reputation in fine condition and my reputation and values rate high on my priority list, the job gets a single digit number.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week Happenings and Training Update

Just enjoyed a crazy traveling, training and fun week!  Hit the city of Saskatoon for a great farm forum sponsored by FCC with 3 amazing motivational speakers.  I really enjoyed Adam Kreek, a Canadian Gold Olympic Medal winner for rowing.  He had some great pointers in keeping your mental focus in difficult and painful situations. He referenced his rowing training and it certainly rings a bell in this triathlon training gal's life.

photo 4 (5)

Had some fun with our son in Saskatoon.  Haven't seen him since Christmas so it was good to get a visit in.  He was studying for a couple midterms and we needed to get a long run in on Friday so we got out of his hair and found Goodlife Fitness.  Loved the cheap price to get in (1st visit free).  The locker rooms were awesome and the number of machines and equipment there was amazing.  It's crazy really how the littlest things can wow a small town girl.  My only complaint is that is was too warm temperature wise.  I guess I am used to running in my basement where it is a bit cooler.  We did pack stuff along to run outside but the wimpy-ness in us sent us to the gym.  It was pretty cold and had just snowed quite a bit overnight so I knew it wouldn't be a picnic.  Hard to believe it was only a couple years ago, all of our running was done outside.

photo 1 (7)

So, the long run of the week got cut short.  I have been having trouble with hormonal imbalances of some kind and I just could feel within a mile that it was not going down pretty.  I gave it a few more miles to wait it out and after about 3 times of getting off and getting my head between my knees, hubby told me to hit the shower.  It wasn't going to get better.  Got 6 miles in but was sure shooting for more.

I had set up a swimming session with a local tri coach to get some tips about our swim inefficiency.  Got a few great tips and need some time in the pool now to work on it.

Mon: off

Tues: 5.65 mile run, noon swim 1050 m

Wed: 16.37 mile ride

Thurs: Swim coaching 1500 m

Fri: 6 mile run

Sat: 30 mile ride

Sun: 45 mile ride

Just a random note: I have never gone to a chiropractor before.  I heard great things about a new chiropractor so thought I would check her out and ask a few questions.  I have been having trouble with my hip and running was making it worse and I wanted to find a way to fix it up.  I didn't care to have any adjustments (am I the only one that thinks that is a scary word?) but wanted her opinion on my sore right knee and hip that just seems to come and go periodically (which is currently on it's "come" cycle).  She informed me that I have a pelvis that is out of position.  The right side wants to rotate ahead and the left side rotates back.  So, despite my fear, I tried the "adjustment."  I was very tender that night but I have been to see 2 more times with small fixes and the hip is feeling 100% better.  I have stretching and strengthening exercises to do but I love the feeling of being aligned.

Wishing you a great week and happy sweating!

Training Week 2 and 3


Hope you all had a great week of training and sweating life's goodness. Here's my training update from Jan 12-25 for week 2 and 3

Monday: swim 800 m

My week started off with a brisk swim.  The local pool has been closed for 2 weeks for maintenance and just reopened on Monday.  I swam the evening lap swim times and roaring runner and I had the pool to ourselves.  No one else wanted to brave the 65 F water temp. (regular pool temp is 29 C and it was 19 C) I figured it would be a great warmup for Oceanside.  It was certainly chilly and in hindsight, I wished I would have tried the neoprene cap and had my wetsuit with me.  It didn't take long to get a bit of a ear ache.  My hands and feet were good and I wasn't really cold until I got out of the pool.  I was shivering throughout the shower and probably for the next 30 min.  Even though it was only a half hour swim, it was a very beneficial experience. Some great thinking and planning already happening.

Tues: run 5.14 miles and quick 1300 m swim again in cold water

Wed:  ride 20.16 miles

Thurs: run 11.85 miles

Fri: swim 1500 moff, strength training

Sat: mock tri that started with a 45 min swim of 1650 m, then came home and jumped on the bike for 3 hours putting in 46 miles and a 5 mile run in 47 min.  Have to admit I was bushed after this.  Tried to get my nutrition down but clearly have some improvements to make


Monday: 1100 m swim

Tues: bike time trial 17 miles in 1 hour

Wed: swim 1350 m

Thurs: swim 1500 m, 5 mile run

Fri: 45 mile ride

Sat: off

Sun: 31.48 mile ride, 3.13 run

I switched things around a bit by flipping Fri and Sat workouts as I was out of town all day Sat.  I also had some hip troubles so I skipped a run and took it easy on the other times I ran.


Hope training is going well for everyone.  Every set back is an opportunity to learn and get stronger.  Embrace!