Monday, August 15, 2016

Northern Lights

Happy Monday

Today's post is a out-of-left-field topic.
I was reading the latest post from hungryrunnergirl here where the author shares some of her bucket list.  Be sure to check it out, great ideas that I needed to add to my list.  I left a comment and invited her, heck you are all invited to come north of the border to Manitoba Canada to visit me and see one of the seven wonders of the world!
Road trip is like chocolate mousse in my books- really awesome, melt in your mouth, can't get enough, please don't end, when can I have some more.
  Throw some clothes in a bag, fill the car up and hit the road folks.

PS  In case you couldn't tell- we are farmers! Time in a combine or tractor is negotiable (lol)

PPS Maybe we should all post our bucket lists then visit each other to check something off.  We all live in cool places with neat things to see and do.

Have a great adventure sometime this week!

Monday, August 8, 2016

I'm Back, Jet Lag and OH MY GOSH I DID IT!!

Been gone on an amazing 3 week trip to Switzerland and a couple neighbouring countries.  I will have many posts coming with some of the great things we did.

Jet lag sucks no matter if you are going from east to west or west to east.  Had to really fight falling asleep every evening after supper the past few days.  7 hours ahead time change.  I also woke up 3x at 1 am super hungry.  Guess my body thought it was breakfast time.

Know what else sucks- a back log of yard work and the war I needed to wage with the weeds trying to take over my garden.  They got a permanent vacation.

Bucket list:
1. Hike the Swiss Alps- check
2. Gran Fondo through some serious mountains- check
3. Run a marathon- check
4. Complete an Ironman - check check

I completed my first EVAH long distance triathlon at Challenge Roth- a chance of a lifetime.  Very cool story about how I was lucky enough to be on the starters list and a very amazing experience racing it.  Check back in for updates of this monumental triathlon experience.

Happy Monday!