Sunday, August 20, 2017

Quick Catch Up

Oh my gosh has it ever been a long time since my last post!  Vacation, training and races, lots of catch up when I got home then moving 3 kids off to the city.  So just a few words about each as teasers.

1. Vacation was a 2 week, 25th anniversary trip, with only me and my guy to British Columbia.  Lot of fun in the mountains and by the ocean: 2 of our favourite places.  No kids for about 9 or 10 days- I love my kids but it was heavenly.

2. Races kept us busy for 3 weekends in a row.  A tad bit ambitious I know.  Maybe common sense missed me when it was being handed out.  Maybe even a bit more unbelievable is the fact that we didn't really taper for any of them but swam, biked, ran, hiked everywhere and anytime we wanted to.  So hard to let an opportunity to explore pass me by.  Challenge Pencticton for a half ironman triathlon the first weekend followed by Ironman Canada then Spoke 'n Hot Grand Fondo.  Race recaps for each of them coming soon.

3. Catching up.  Funny how the weeds in my garden didn't go on vacation like I did.  Nor did the grass stop growing or the house stay clean.  I always think it is a good thing I have a mental break from the everyday when I go away.  A bit more vigor and enthusiasm to handle the challenges when I return.  We also took over a rental house from my in-laws.  A lot of cleaning, painting, removal of trees etc.  I am pooped just remembering everything I did.  No criticism intended to anyone in terms of cleanliness but man it sucks to have to clean up someone else's grime, grease, dirt and junk.

4.  Kids moved to the city.  We have always tried to get the kids settled in the city mid to late Aug.  Later than that is really busy for us on the farm and it is so much nicer to get the moving out of the way a bit earlier.  A weekend of loading, hauling, unloading, cleaning, organizing, more cleaning.  But it is done.  Normally, in my part of the world, school in the public system as well as most post secondary starts the beginning of September usually after labour day weekend.  Now we can get home and concentrate on the start of our farm harvest.

Have a great week, enjoy some sun and laugh.