Sunday, October 16, 2016

Weekend Roundup

  Is it like a universal thing to love the weekends? And even with Monday as a holiday for us Canadians celebrating Thanksgiving, it seemed like a LONG week.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I am sure I am still digesting turkey.  A couple family gatherings to consume lots and lots of turkey and pumpkin pie.  More pumpkins ready for Halloween.

Rain again here.  1 day of sun in more than a week.  I can feel the vitamin D deficiency already.  Honestly, does anyone ever have lawn this green in the prairie provinces in October?  We seriously have had to mow lawn every week since, well April.

You know the equation:  rain + kids=  a muddy mess.  3 of my kids found some serious mud.  They conveniently forgot to wash their clothes before heading back to university.  Oops sorry mom.

More volleyball.  This weekend was the 4th tournament weekend.  We have 2 off now until the next one.  I love watching volleyball though.  I was able to ride on the bus with the girls.  Lots of energy, screaming and singing.  I've had my fill of Taylor Swift for awhile.  Tons of fun, awesome girls and a great coach.  And when else do you get lunch of taco in a bag?

I have been using this collagen powder in my morning drink with a vitamin powder and man does my stomach love me.  It is the.bomb.  I guess like bone broth in powder form.  You should totally get some.  Amazon.

Also found this online and sent it to my kids.  Certainly made the 15 year old think.  She knows I would do it.

Think these 2 are hungry?

On the training front:

Monday: 30 mile trainer ride
Tuesday: I guess nothing but can't remember why
Wednesday: 6.6 mile trail ride also called the crotch killer- me trying to ride my bike on the narrow     bridge, panicking and falling off many times. You know they put that top bar on a bike for people like me.

Thursday: 19 mile trainer ride, then 4 mile run later in the day
Friday: 750 yard swim
Saturday: house cleaning, does that count?
Sunday: 37 mile trainer ride

I went on Thursday for a massage and cupping on my tight left hamstring, glute and IT band.  No pictures. You are welcome.

And finally, these 2 events are added to my to do list.

Been to Oceanside and biked along the coast.  This would be a wonderful ride.  And man that jersey!  Would sure look good on me.

The Grizzly Ultra in Canmore, Alberta.  Running in the mountains in Canmore.  Enough said.

I was glued to the facebook, twitter updates as well as the live feed from Kona last weekend.  Wished I was there.  Congrats to all the athletes.  I loved this article on Daniela Ryf and her take on pain.

Have a great week!

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