Thursday, October 6, 2016

Weekend In Pictures

On the course of the Flatlander Half Marathon in Regina, Saskatchewan.

An accidental find when turning on the wrong street.  Boy, was I in trouble!  Left with sourdough bread, farmers loaf, dinner buns, scones and cinnamon buns!

Running in the rain Sunday morning.  So peaceful and calming.

Do you pick up the pace like me?

I planned a 5 miler today and got carried away adventuring.  This was when I finally turned around.

Longer run than planned meant I was a bit thirsty. So happy to see this!

Not so happy to see this(:

Always have a moment to stop and smell the flowers.

Post run refueling with NUUN water and an Oh Yeah One chocolate chip cookie dough bar.

Gorgeous day after the rain passed by so we went walking on the trails by the lake beside the Legislative Building.

Can you believe this happened 2 days later!!!

Have a great week!

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