Monday, March 3, 2014

The Ups and Downs

Well there is one thing very certain in the journey of sport and life:  where you're up, understand that you will sometime be down.

This realization has comes quickly on the heels of a long 50 mile bike ride yesterday and a 12 mile run today.  One would think that since I am training for a half ironman and am just a little bit shy of accomplishing the full distances in the bike and run disciplines that I would feel full of confidence in my achievements.  However, this is far from the truth.  And this all comes mostly because my legs are sore.  Add that to this and that and what does that spell: DISASTER.  All of a sudden, everything crashes down. You know that saying, "the straw that broke the camels back?"

Ever get that feeling of defeat? surrender? giving up? not sure what you are doing that is right?  How does the tide change so quickly and more importantly: how do I pick myself up?  Going past physical limitation and pushing beyond what you think you can is very hard, but the mental check in/ check out is so much tougher to overcome.

We build our lives daily on truths that we hold.  Truths about our relationships, our loved ones, what we stand for, what we do.

Well, there is one thing I do know- my kids love waterslides and I have tried my share with them.  Some of them I like and go back for more and on some; it's truly a wild ride that I never want to repeat. There is lots of screaming, some tears and a lot of self talk that questions my sanity.  I can't wait till I hit the water and the ride is done.  That's maybe what  life is like.  Some days, the sliding is just the right speed, turns are good and the ride down is very enjoyable.  Others, well not so good.  But one thing is for certain, each ride will sometime come to an end, and another will follow.

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