Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February Training Totals

Here is a break down of my totals for Feb.

Running: 95 miles

Biking: 351 miles

Swimming: 1 mile

I am not sure to if this is a good amount of training or not, if I will be prepared for April 6.  I know that my training volume has not typically been this high but I have also not been training for an event of this magnitude.  I have been very satisfied with the plan I am using and the way my body has been responding to it.  I believe that the success to injury management has been due to my religious use of stretch bands and muscle balance exercises.  It has helped my legs recovery pretty well most of the time.

Sometimes data is misleading as Daily Mile also tells me that I've lost 15 pounds in calories expended.  This is certainly NOT the case.  Guess I need to watch the donuts!

Happy Training


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