Saturday, March 15, 2014

Odds and Ends


A few quick pics and events lately.

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An amazing lunch called a Jerusalem Rice Bowl from the 13th Ave Coffee House in Regina, Saskatchewan.  A bowl layered with brown rice, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, tahani sauce, hummus, sprouts and falafel. It was very filling. I couldn't finish it all at one sitting and I am anticipating my next bowl!

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The new sports machine I just brought home. Had a frame crack in my new Trek bike and it was replaced with a Speed Concept 9.  Waited since last July for this but boy what a beauty!  Looks like it will handle like a Lamborghini with red hot fire!

photo 4

Birthday party in the hotel.  Now that the oldest is getting well, older,  19 candles could send the smoke alarm off and the water sprayers going so we refrained from lighting the candles.  The cake is called Chocolate Marquis and it is basically a bottom made of fudgey brownie topped with a rich chocolate mousse.  It is unbelievable.  It is locally made by a restaurant called Madoco's where my son used to work.  Was looking forward to this all day!

photo 3

A really cool shirt with the logo made by my son in his graphic design class.  He incorporated all his favourite sports teams into it.  Kerry Price, goalie for Montreal Canadians was in the center and was surrounded by logos from the Los Angeles Lakers, Kings, Canadians, SF Giants, New Orleans Saints, Saskatchwan Roughriders and a soccer logo.  He is a sports guy!


Hope your day has had great odds and ends like mine.

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