Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekend Roundup and Calling all Marathon Veterans

Well, I have been home for only 1 week but Oceanside 70.3 last Saturday feels like a LONG time ago.  Funny how "real" life can make a holiday such a distant memory.

What is very clear however, is the fact that there are many things in life that are tough and require more from us.  I had a couple times during Ironman Oceanside that were hard.  That's the way it should be in my thinking.  Expecting to do a 70.3 and not dig deep at some point is unrealistic thinking.
A lot of details from that day may fade from my memory but the fact that I persevered and didn't stop won't fade.
And it is good that these thoughts are so vividly real as I need them this week.

I am running a marathon this Friday.

Can you keep a secret?
I am trying to qualify for Boston.

And I am really scared, nervous, excited,....
Is that the craziness of taper?  The bouncing around between the great and scary?

Everyone in my house has a cold right now.  Nurse Lesley was on call all weekend.
What's worse than a sick kid?
A sick husband.

What's worse than a sick husband?
A sick husband and 2 sick kids.

Hokey moley.  Between the chicken noodle soup making, dimetab, nyquil, buckley's, deliveries, feet rubbing with essential oils, vapor rubbing on the chest and restocking kleenex- it's been busy.
I am so thankful this is the first time in a long while we have had colds.

So, my confidence is on the low side right now for being able to accomplish my goal.  3:50 marathon goal time.  This will be my first stand alone marathon.  Only ran a marathon while doing an Ironman.

The questions/reflections I have for the marathon veterans for the week before a marathon:

1. Is it normal to feel like crap?
2. Are the emotions supposed to be up and down like a bride's pj's?
3. Is there like a "Lead Fairy" that pours lead into your legs when you aren't looking?
4. Should you feel a bit more crazy than normal?
5. That email that came today that says I have another day left to switch from the full to the half= and I am giving it serious thought.  Normal?
6.Checking the weather 6 x a day to see the forecast for Friday, not the least bit obsessive right?
7.  I really, really want to eat a lot of ice cream!
8.  I got a blister from my last easy run- a sign that this is not going to be?
9. Wondering why I can't be take up a sport like channel surfing or bird watching?
10.  And finally, asking myself a zillion times a day who's stupid idea this was.  Normal too?


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