Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weekend Roundup and Film Festival Review

Hello friends on this warm, sunny Monday!

So much cheeriness on a Monday-sickning isn't it.  Should be illegal.  It is a beautiful day in my part of the world; sunny sky, warm temperatures.  And Monday wouldn't be complete without my legs letting me know in some not so nice ways that they are still attached to my body and don't appreciate the last few days treatment.

Holy smokes, my 15 mile run yesterday was HARD.  Not sure what made it soo tough but I was struggling.  Lots of stretching, foam rolling and sleeping with the compression tights on.
A decent bike ride on the fattie on Saturday and a long swim Friday night might have contributed a bit.  Anyway, planning to work hard on my speed run tomorrow and tempo run Thurs with some hard intervals on the trainer on Wed but keeping the activities short in preparation for Saturday's long ride.
Actif Epica is looking at temperatures of close to the freezing mark which is totally unheard of.  I am still embracing this as a great adventure but still have to admit to being a tiny bit nervous.  You can play this game in your head about whether it will be easier or harder than you are expecting.  I don't want to be cocky and think my training will have me prepared to get this done but I don't want to intimidate myself either thinking it will be super hard.  There are basically 3 events; a shorter ride (85 miles), a longer ride (120 miles) and a run (85 miles).  I think I counted only 6 or 7 women currently entered in all 3 events.

I think I may be crazy.

I attended Banff World Film Festival about a week back.  I eluded to it in this post if you want to know more details.  It was a sold out show and though we were early, the only 2 seats together that were left were 2 rows from the front.  I felt like I was living in part of each film clip.
There was 5 film clips (3 that were shorter 5-7 min and 2 longer 25 min) then an intermission followed by 4 more clips (3 shorter and 1 longer).  I didn't know what to expect but I did think there would be some serious outdoorsy adventuring type of things.  There were some of those but others that showcased nature in other ways.  It was quite a mixture.  We had lots to talk about on our 1 1/2 hour drive home at 11:00 pm.
 Lucky for me, my favourite film clip is also available through you tube and is worth your while to watch.  It is very short and quite enjoyable.

Have a great day!

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