Monday, February 9, 2015

Training Week 2 and 3


Hope you all had a great week of training and sweating life's goodness. Here's my training update from Jan 12-25 for week 2 and 3

Monday: swim 800 m

My week started off with a brisk swim.  The local pool has been closed for 2 weeks for maintenance and just reopened on Monday.  I swam the evening lap swim times and roaring runner and I had the pool to ourselves.  No one else wanted to brave the 65 F water temp. (regular pool temp is 29 C and it was 19 C) I figured it would be a great warmup for Oceanside.  It was certainly chilly and in hindsight, I wished I would have tried the neoprene cap and had my wetsuit with me.  It didn't take long to get a bit of a ear ache.  My hands and feet were good and I wasn't really cold until I got out of the pool.  I was shivering throughout the shower and probably for the next 30 min.  Even though it was only a half hour swim, it was a very beneficial experience. Some great thinking and planning already happening.

Tues: run 5.14 miles and quick 1300 m swim again in cold water

Wed:  ride 20.16 miles

Thurs: run 11.85 miles

Fri: swim 1500 moff, strength training

Sat: mock tri that started with a 45 min swim of 1650 m, then came home and jumped on the bike for 3 hours putting in 46 miles and a 5 mile run in 47 min.  Have to admit I was bushed after this.  Tried to get my nutrition down but clearly have some improvements to make


Monday: 1100 m swim

Tues: bike time trial 17 miles in 1 hour

Wed: swim 1350 m

Thurs: swim 1500 m, 5 mile run

Fri: 45 mile ride

Sat: off

Sun: 31.48 mile ride, 3.13 run

I switched things around a bit by flipping Fri and Sat workouts as I was out of town all day Sat.  I also had some hip troubles so I skipped a run and took it easy on the other times I ran.


Hope training is going well for everyone.  Every set back is an opportunity to learn and get stronger.  Embrace!



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