Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Hey everyone!

Anyone else sometimes feel like they may blow a gasket if they hear or read anymore about "balance?"  Ok, a bit dramatic I know.  It's not the word or concept that brings my blood pressure up to dangerous levels, it's the application and decisions that come with balance.  I know what my priorities are and what is important to me, that's not the trouble.  But, we all know that there are other responsibilities we have that may not be on the priority list.  For example, the volunteering responsibility that comes with having your child(ren) involved in activities.  Many would argue against, but I firmly think if you have your child in anything, you need to be willing to occasionally dish out a bit more than your checkbook.  So where do I put that on the priority list?
Well, since getting the job done keeps my reputation in fine condition and my reputation and values rate high on my priority list, the job gets a single digit number.

I also think that I need to look beyond myself and my family and look to helping others.  Each and everyday, it isn't hard to find someone in your world that is hurting.

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  1. I have a hard time with prioritizing too Lesley! I think that we all do to some extent!