Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tough Day in Betcherville

Hey folks.  Ever had a day where you were bursting with pride and happiness but at the same time needed sunglasses to hide the swollen, tear streaked eyes?  Our son left today for University and it feels like it has left a hole in my being.  This is what we do- we love and nurture our kids, helping them learn and grow and when their wings are ready, we send them off to find new adventures.  I know he is ready and excited and that makes it so much easier.  The grief comes from the beginning of a new chapter in the life cycle and the knowledge that our family won't be exactly the same again. I will miss not seeing him everyday and talking with him.  I am taking a few days to grieve and will not feel bad about it because I know that I love adventures, change and challenges and I will adapt to this new beginning but for now, well it sucks.  Words cannot express.  Love your kids and appreciate each and every day.  Time goes way too fast.

How do you adapt to new beginnings?

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