Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekend Scoop

Hello and happy Monday! I am posting this blog at work through my lunch as internet troubles at home have left me a couple posts behind.  I have 2 sick kids so it's safe to say that not much free time will be had tonight.  I am very thankful my husband could stay home with the sickest one today.  Not the easiest having a sick kid no matter what age they are.  The "I don't need you, I'm independent" 15 year old has found out that maybe he does still need mom sometimes.  Glad I can be of service even if it's o'dark o'clock in the morning and he needs medicine.

The newest update in my training is both exciting and frustrating.  I ran my longest run ever to date!  19.5 miles!!  I think that I am mentally prepared for almost anything since it was a long run on the treadmill.  I listened to some CD's, watched junk on the tv until a movie came on ("League of Their Own") which kept me going till the end.  If you caught my last post of spring not coming, well nothing new to report yet.  Strong, cold winds with cool temperatures kept me indoors early Sunday morning.  I am glad though as I had some GI issues and stopped a few times for a bathroom break.  Stops would be not so fun to do on a gravel road when running outside. I don't think I have ever revealed what I am training for.  My main event (A) is scheduled for the end of May when I run my first full marathon at the Saskatchewan Marathon in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="235" caption="Saskatchewan Marathon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)"]Saskatchewan Marathon[/caption]

I have been following the First Program, novice marathon training plan.  My husband has also been following the First Program but chose the experienced plan as he has ran a few marathons and wants to improve his time.  The plan focuses on 3 main runs, basically 1 speed work, 1 tempo/interval and 1 long run.  So the emphasis is on quality runs.  I chose this because many plans have something scheduled each day and that seems soo overwhelming for me right now at this point in life.  I like knowing that I can do 3 runs and the other days are cross-training days (cycling, walking) or a rest day.  In my busy world (and I am sure many others) this plan seems to make me think I can handle the busyness of family, home, career and volunteer responsibilities and still have goals and time for myself. I get my 3 runs in and usually cycle on the bike trainer on a couple in between days.  I also did a weight routine but have started to pull back on that for the last 6 weeks prior to A race.  I have based my expectant marathon time on my fastest 5 km / 10 km/ half marathon pace.  I have enjoyed the First Program, but I have very little to compare to as I have not followed a 16-20 week plan before.  My half marathon plans have all been around 12 weeks.

On a lighter note, this was part of our day on Saturday. Donut making with gramma! 3 kids and I took our sprinkles and headed to gramma's house for some good fun and good eating.  No need to pack a lunch today with our colourful assortment.  My mom and oldest daughter manned the cooking department and the youngest daughter and oldest son were in charge of the decorating department.  I did the dough rolling and cutting and tried to take a few pictures here and there.

Big brother was making his sister squeal.  Gramma is planning to intervene (look at the next picture).

A donut full of icing right in his face.  He had it all over and I was laughing so hard, I couldn't get a picture.  You will have to use your imagination.

This was also part of our weekend.  My husband trying to get a magpie nest out of the tree behind our house.  He has already done this once and they came back to the other side of the tree and started rebuilding.  This time, he stuck a big bright pink stuffed rabbit in the tree and so far, no magpies.  Cross your fingers.

He then tried to push some snow in the backyard and needed some assistance.  Oldest son always likes to come to dad's rescue.  Gives him something to heckle his dad with for awhile.

On a final note, I was glued to the tv most of the evening Friday, watching the scene unfold in regards to the Boston Marathon bombers.  I am thinking of all those who lost their lives as well as the injured today during the time of silence and will try to sneak a short run of tribute in later today.  I have been awed by the way people have come together during such a horrible event.  No one can make sense of an event such as this, but what we can make sense of is reaching out to others.  Hats off to you all.
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