Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello Spring, are you there?

Hello everyone!

If I could get on the phone and call spring, I would imagine the conversation would go something like this.

Me: Hello, is this spring?

Spring: Ya
Me: Where the heck are you, don't you realize you're like 3 weeks late?

Spring:  I made a stop in the Coachella Valley and am having such a good time here, I'm not sure when I will be leaving?

Me: You're WHAT?

Spring:  Well, it's just so comfortable here, the people are nice.  They aren't always complaining and whining to me about how I'm doing my job.  The job stress is incredible up there with you folk in Canada.  You are never happy, too much rain, too much wind, too much snow.  Can't every please you.

Me: But you need to come, we can't live without you.  Please!  I'm sure we can do some contract negotiations to relieve some of the job stress you are experiencing.   I am all out begging, you can ask for anything!



Well, we have found our routine again since returning home from our southern vacation.  Why is it that spending on 2 or 3 days home again with work, activities, phone calls and school lunches make you feel like the vacation was years ago? And certainly the worst thing in this equation is the fact that spring is NOWHERE to be found.  Someone needs to fill out a MIA report with mother nature.  We not only have loads of snow here but also cold temperatures and very cool winds.  We are breaking weather records that haven't been touched since the 1950's.  The only thing that has been nice is that when the sun is shining, it is warm.

Despite the dumpy attitude I have had because of the weather, I have managed to continue with my training plans very nicely.  Most of my running has been done on the treadmill with the exception of a couple runs.  I really enjoy the convenience of the treadmill but I am ready to feel the breeze and sun on my face and have something to actually look at that doesn't bore me out of my tree.  The planned long run for this Sat/Sun is 19 miles so I am hopeful it won't have to be indoors.  Anyone with good movies suggestions?

Last weekend, I had a wonderful opportunity to attend a Training Bible Triathlon Camp in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  We had 2 packed days of swimming, biking and running skills presented by 2 great coaches.  I will provide a full overview in my next post.

The other new thing I did this past week was had a massage by a sports massage therapist who is trained to treat injuries with massage techniques.  I have not had a massage ever and was very pleasantly surprised to discover how much it helped my running in a bunch of small ways.

My right hip over-rotates inwardly which then causes a misalignment all the way down the leg.  This is something I knew but didn't know what to do about but to try and treat the "runner's knee" type symptoms in my knee.  The massage therapy will work on correcting this over-rotation to get to the root of the knee issues and hopefully eliminate them.

This is my kind of medicine.  I am not really a band-aide person.  I am the, "why is this happening and what can I do to prevent it" kind of person.  The actual reason I went for the massage was to try to eliminate some of the tightness in my calf muscles, especially my left calf.  While away on vacation, I got a nasty charlie horse ( or cramp) in my left calf that literally took my breath away.  I know that the sometimes sore right knee will cause my body to favour that side and put more weight on the left side, the result of the strain on the left side showed itself in the cramp and tightness.  Massage, has certainly been good so far with improving it.  I do foam roll at home but this just seemed to work differently. I have another appointment tomorrow so I will keep you all posted.

Today, I leave you with the following request/suggestions;

book a massage

keep running hard and

send some warm weather up to Canada!

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