Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Scoop

Hey everyone, happy Sunday!  Hope you all have had a great weekend.  We had lots going on this weekend in my house.

Ran 4.5 miles on Thurs morning on the treadmill.  Kids were home from school on Friday but I managed to sneak in a 3.5 mile run.  My youngest daughter had her figure skating carnival that evening.  The theme was cartoon characters and she was Strawberry Shortcake.  She did a great job and we all enjoyed our evening.

My oldest son was at his 1st hockey playoff game that night a couple hours away.  They played the second game back in our community Sat night and since we won both games, we move on to the next round.

Saturday's workout was a whole body strength workout. My boys and I were on a flat part of our roof shoveling snow off for a couple hours.  My muscles will say thank you on Monday.

Did a 10 miler this morning with my husband.  Ran slow but felt good. Seems to be so hard to get a fast pace going through the winter but the roads were clear and temperature was about -13 Celcius with little wind so a pretty perfect winter run. Legs felt really good unlike last Sunday at the Hypothermic Half Marathon in Regina, Saskatchewan where they were full of lead and then ached the rest of the day.  I wore my CEP compression socks after the run for the remainder of the day but my legs ached until I took an anti-inflammatory. I was pretty sure the next day I may be stiff or sore but I felt terrific. Pretty confusing.  Sometimes, my legs are very heavy and seem to have little strength.  Does this happen to anyone else?



Hypothermic Half Marathon




We gathered the troops up this afternoon and head to the lake about 1/2 hour away for a cross country ski.  Lots of laughs. It was a jersey ski so everyone wore their favourite jersey.  

Hoping for a great sleep tonight after so much fresh air and exercise today.



Does exercise help you sleep better?




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