Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lots of Nothing, Little of Something

Morning folks.  Hope your week has started off well. Starting off with a lot of nothing- we have had yet another huge dump of snow over the weekend.  At least 6 inches of soft, fluffy snow.  When is it ever going to end? Temperature this morning was -24 Celcius with wind on top of that.   In Manitoba, Canada, we certainly have 4 distinct seasons.  With winter taking it's time going elsewhere, I fear we will miss another season yet to come.  Well, enough with the complaints on something out of our control.

Now getting to the little of something- we are running away.  Really, the family is packing into the vehicle and driving off this afternoon.  We are going in search of spring, to have a break from the cold, snow and routine.  There wasn't really any plan to do so as hockey was going to keep us busy but with the loss of a game that put us out of the finals, we are free to go.  Our destination isn't set but we are sure we will end up in the state of California.  The kids and I have no school next week so we will have about 10 days.  I will keep you posted about our adventures!

In conclusion, I want to motivate you with a few lyrics of a song that has really moved me the past while.  Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson empowers me to push beyond my comfort zone, to keep my confidence and push my limits to stay on track with my goals.

"No one can hold me back, I ain't got time for that"

"Won't let em get me down, It's all so simple now"

Don't allow anything to keep you from pursuing what is important in your life. Not busyness, people, things, or yourself!

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