Wednesday, February 14, 2018

An Unplanned Break

I haven't published a post in more than 2 months.

I don't know how it happened.  I do remember the months of Dec and Jan, I was alive, I was having adventures.  I guess I was too lazy to blog or maybe I was uninspired to share, or maybe I just needed a break.  Who knows.

The speed talking highlights version of the past couple months:

1. Went to Vancouver for a week to visit my son.  Had lots of bike rides, runs and hiked the Grouse Grind (dare you to google it!) Oh course also did the usual filling his fridge and cupboards, cleaning the apartment and cooking and dishes. Had a great time.

Downtown Vancouver

Biking at Pacific Spirit Park

Starting the Grouse Grind

Steps all the way up!

Found some ice at the top.
2. The 6 of us, hubby and I and the 4 kids, escaped the desperately cold weather at home to spend 8 days in one of my most favourite spots doing one of my most favourite things. Left boxing day and come home early Jan.  It was a perfect time to get away.

My favourite place on the PCH south of Carlesbad California

A foggy morning on the PCH
Hiking at Annie's Canyon

Last day on the beach
On the strand in Oceanside

Annie's Canyon Hike

Annie's Canyon Hike

Acai bowl in Solana Beach

3. Spent most of January cleaning every nook and cranny in the house.  Lots of sorting, giving away, purging of unnecessary things and selling a few things.  Goal is to purchase more adventure type equipment (tent, stove, bike trailer, heavy duty sleeping bag, maybe a jacket or two:))

4. Spent 4 days in Regina 2X with my other 2 kids.  Lots of fun: movie (The Greatest Showman- it was amazing!), watched University volleyball, cleaning, cooking, fixing and dishes.  None of the kids have apartments with dishwashers.  Hard to believe in this day and age but yes it's possible.  It has been a good thing.  They are much more appreciative when I visit and they get a couple days relief from doing dishes.

Walking our way around the city.

5.  Training as I feel inclined to.   Which has been a lot sometimes.  Many days of getting in 2 workouts a day just because I felt like it.  Strength training, running (all on the treadmill), biking on the trainer, cross country skiing and outdoor fat biking.  My body is feeling good right now.  A lot of people like structure and sometimes I do too but freedom felt good right now and I didn't sit around and get lazy but actually did more.

Hiking on the river with a load of wood

Skiing in my backyard- I am so lucky!!

Riding the trail on the fatties.  -10 C

Trying some cold weather gear -25 C with wind and my face was toasty warm.

What our Manitoba winter has been like- cold temps and lots of wind.
A chinook blew in for a few hours.  Got some fresh air on the trainer

That's the nutshell version.

Have a great week!

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