Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 Schedule

Here's what my endurance events schedule is looking like for 2017.  I have 2 main events (A) with a few B events and a couple C events,  I have also indicated events with a * as I have not registered for them yet but have them in mind.  Just waiting to see how my calendar and life is looking.

I pick usually 1-3 A events in the year depending on the training, life and event location.  My daily training obviously works around those events and I try to space them out pretty well to recover and keep building.
B events vary in number but mostly are to give me something to build up to the A event, to keep me motivated and work nicely in the A event training plan.   B events are also very important in terms of pacing for the bigger events.  For example, I would prefer to run a half marathon or two before the full marathon just to see what pace I can hold, nutrition and from that I get information on what I need to work on before the marathon.  Same thoughts exactly when tackling a half ironman or two before the full distance.  In an ironman event, it is somewhat difficult to determine how fast you can bike without blowing the wheels off the bus during the run.  It takes experience and trial and error and obviously, as fitness, strength and experience increase, the pace will also be able to change.  So this becomes an evolving situation.  Someone with many ironman distance triathlons or marathons under their belt will have a better understanding of how much they can push themselves but I am not yet at that point.  A work in progress.
  The C events are those that will be seen more as a fun event or I just happen to be in a certain location and don't want to miss the chance to try the event.



* 12 or 26- Hypothermic Half Marathon in either Saskatoon or Regina, Sask
*Actif Epica, 85 mile endurance race on fatbike, Winnipeg, Manitoba
*26- Duck Mountain Ski Loppet


12- Superseal Olympic Tri Coronado (C)
*26- Encinitas Half Marathon


1- Ironman Oceanside 70.3 (B)
14- Angry Gopher Marathon, Regina, Sask (A)



4- Ironman Victoria 70.3 (B)


*9- Prairie Gran Fondo, Saskatoon, Sask.
23- Challenge Penticton 70.3 (B)
30- Ironman Canada Whistler (A)


6- Grizzly Xterra Olympic Triathlon, Canmore, Alberta (B)
*19- Riding Mountain Triathlon Olympic, Clear Lake, Manitoba



28/29- END- TOMBED and ENDTRAILS (12 hour bike ride and 12 hour trail run) (A or B)



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