Friday, May 30, 2014

No Shadow of a Doubt


My run the other day had me thinking- deep thinking.  It started off innocently.  I was having a good run.  You know the kind where you are running fast like a gazelle, are strong like a bull, overall, a real stud.

That is until I saw my shadow.  What? I looked awkward and totally not smooth in my stride and my legs were barely moving.  I looked around.  This can't be me.

Ya well.  Hated to face reality but yes indeed that was my shadow.

I was reminded of the time our family was at a house of mirrors where parts of you in each mirror was distorted.  Now I know how I really look.  Though the mirror kept showing short legs, a wide face, or elongated body- I knew the truth.  It was just the perspective at that moment.  And sometimes perspectives aren't right.  It is just a way something is shown at one moment in time. And often when we see things from one perspective only, the outcome is colored.

And maybe my attitude about myself at the beginning of the run was colored- could be.  But I also know that mentally, we NEED to feel like a stud in order to do what we need to do. I'm sure most great athletes own some "I rock" attitude.  You need that perspective to survive and keep going when things get rough cause let's face it, it gets rough at times.

SO my 5 min of deep deliberation reminded me to allow NO ONE THING to change my views.  It may be only one perspective and it may be wrong.  There is far more damage caused by believing and holding on to untruths.

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