Monday, October 28, 2013

Bring on the Fat!


I am trying really hard to limit the amounts of carbohydrates I am consuming.  I know this goes against almost everything in the "athletic" world as carbs are what fuels us.  There is no gluten problems (though I did have a score of 9 in the IgA test) but I feel soo much better with limited carbs.  So, no bread, which was no big deal though I do miss a mean pb and j sometimes.  And no pasta or mini wheats and the most difficult is no oatmeal.  But I have come up with some awesome alternative.

I can't lie and tell you it hasn't been difficult.  It's different, it's not the way I have known.  Our traditional eating has revolved around the meat and carbs with a little veggie thrown in.  Cutting back on carbs and sugar started out as a forced issue (thoughts of a bacterial imbalance in the gut) and the truth be told I was a bad a@@ rebel.  Very unhappy, grouchy and bitter.  I missed my carbs!  But as time has gone on, I see so many other people who are EMBRACING this lifestyle.  Hello, Attitude?  We need to make some major changes.  Stop with the mopey, grouchy, life is so tough routine.  Let's get on board this train!

The biggest issue I have struggled with is not feeling full and needing something more.  I am sure that is the soothing nature of carbs- comfort food.  Veggies and lean meats have been my staple and they don't seem to have those special powers of contentment, not like carbs.  I have also removed most fruit consumption right now with plans to bring it all back again.  So the challenge has been to bring the comfort and sweetness of carbs to the veggie/meat diet.  Hello FAT- the good kind.  Experiments with avocado, coconut oil and nuts have proved to be sucessful.  I made a chocolate mousse with avocado and ate almost the whole thing that night.  Serious self control to make it last 2 days!  And chia pudding with almond milk, with the chocolate mousse, now I am talking out of this world.  My granola was replaced with a seed and nut combination that makes me forget what I had before, what did I have before?

The moral of the story?  Embrace the good fats.  They do not disappoint.  I cannot vouch yet as for how this change of diet will impact heavy training or exercise.  I am still in the "off season" of hit and miss/ whenever I feel like something training.  I am anxious to see how regular training and the lack of carbs will roll together but I am confident it will be fine.

I am looking forward to experimenting with new recipes and creating some of my own.  Wishing you a great week of nutritious eats!


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