Thursday, February 7, 2019

Worth the Effort

I like to blog.  There I said it.  In our fast paced, "I need this now" or "I don't have time" world, blogging is becoming a lost art.  And I confess I have been an absentee blogger.  I tried riding the instagram train and its ok.  But something was still missing.
Blogging.  It takes time.  I can't sit down and whip out a post in 30 min.  I start.  Come back.  Think some more.  Change a few more things and finally after some time, I publish.
It takes effort.

This blogging thing isn't my full time gig. 
I make no money with it.
I have no sponsors.
I have a busy life.

It seems pretty simple then...

I do it for the love of it.
In the same way I look at old photos and smile, I read old posts and reminisce.  I am back to that place in time and it makes me remember.

My mother in law passed away a few months ago and things are still pretty raw.  We flood our fridge with pictures of times gone by; special birthdays and family gatherings, times at the cabin.  We hold tight to those memories to encourage us and keep a legacy alive.

  And so I am holding tight to my little piece of cyberspace to encourage and keep my legacy alive.

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